CcS 2020 is organized by:
Research Center for Community Centric Systems

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Advisory Committee:

Toshio Fukuda
Meijo University, Japan
Yutaka Hata
University of Hyogo, Japan
Levente Kovács
Obuda University, Hungary
Honghai Liu
University of Portsmouth, UK
Ahmad Lotfi
Nottingham Trent University, UK
Chu-Kiong Loo
University of Malaya, Malaysia
Junichi Yamamoto
Keio University, Japan
Indra Adji Sulistijono
Politeknik Elektronika Negeri Surabaya, Indonesia

Organizing Committee:

General Chair:
Naoyuki Kubota
Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan

General Co-chairs:
Toru Yamaguchi
Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan
Sunu Wibirama
Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia
Byung-Jae Choi
Daegu University, Korea

Program Chair:
Yasufumi Takama
Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan

Program Co-chairs:
Naoyuki Takesue
Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan
Syoji Kobashi
University of Hyogo
Jing Li
Nanchang University, China

Special Sessions Chair:
Zhaojie Ju
University of Portsmouth, UK

Special Sessions Co-Chairs:
Takenori Obo
Tokyo Polytechnic University, Japan
Politeknik Negeri Semarang, Indonesia

Award Committee Chair:
Chang-Shing Lee
National University of Tainan, Taiwan

Award Committee Co-Chairs:
Jinseok Woo
Tokyo University of Technology, Japan

Workshop Chair:
Kazuyoshi Wada
Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan

Workshop Co-chairs:
Janos Botzheim
Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary
Emmett Kerr
Ulster University, UK

Publication Chair:
Takahiro Takeda
Daiichi Institute of Technology, Japan

Publication Co-Chairs:
WeiHong Chin
Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan

Publicity Chair:
Takeo Ainoya
Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan

Publicity Co-Chairs:
Simon Egerton
La Trobe University, Australia
Lieu-Hen Chen
National ChiNan University, Taiwan

Financial Chair:
Eri Sato-Shimokawara
Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan
Yasunari Fujimoto
Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan


  The International Symposium on Community-centric Systems (CcS 2020) is organized by the Research Center for Community-centric Systems, Tokyo Metropolitan University. The conference will be held in Tokyo, Japan, from September 23rd to 26th, 2020. The conference offers a unique and interesting platform for scientists, engineers and practitioners throughout the world to present and share their recent research and innovative ideas on community-centric systems (CcS) that can improve quality of life (QOL) and quality of community (QOC).

Call For Papers

We have updated the presentation time slot of GS2: Robotics and Vision as follows:
September 25, Friday
13:30-15:10 (UTC +9 JST)
D3-4: Chair: Takenori Obo (Tokyo Polytechnic University, Japan)
GS2: Robotics and Vision

PID:25 - Specific Surface Recognition Using Custom Finger Vision
Yisheng Zhang, Yicheng Yang, Keshi He, Dinghuang Zhang, Honghai Liu

PID:48 - LSTM Classification of sEMG Signals For Individual Finger Movements Using Low-Cost Wearable Sensor
Christopher Millar, Nazmul Siddique, Emmett Kerr

PID:101 - Aerial Drone Mapping and Trajectories Generator for Agricultural Ground Robots
Indra Adji Sulistijono, Moch Rifki Ramadhani, Anhar Risnumawan

PID:108 - Automatic Aerial Victim Detection on Low-Cost Thermal Camera Using Convolutional Neural Network
Muhammad Ilham Perdana, Anhar Risnumawan, Indra Adji Sulistijono

[Update] All conference content have been uploaded and will continue to be available on-demand until 26 October 2020, via the virtual platform:

Dear participants,
We are excited to announce that the CcS 2020 program book is uploaded. Kindly go to Program tab from more details.
We have opted for a format where each submitted paper or talk would take the form of a pre-recorded video, available during the conference's original dates and on-demand after the conference ends, for oral presentations.

Please carefully review all details below concerning scheduling, preparation of the presentation, delivery of the presentation and access to conference content.

CcS 2020 Program Outline available HERE

We request you to prepare and upload a video of your presentation, kidnly refer HERE for the guidelines.
This will be regarded as a substitute for your attendance at the meeting, and is a condition that your paper stay in IEEE Xplore.

We encourage you to use the Conference PowerPoint template available HERE and virtual background available HERE

The safety and health of all conference participants is our priority. Upon reviewing and analyzing the announcements, advice, and news released by relevant national departments, we have made the decision, that CcS 2020 will continue as scheduled on 23-25 September, by being converted to an exciting, entirely virtual conference, and will not be physically held in Tokyo.

Author Presentations:
In order to facilitate our authors, CcS 2020 will be providing the ability for accepted authors to present their work via an interactive online platform. These presentations will be made available to all paid attendees and accepted and presented papers will be submitted to the IEEE Xplore.

For more information:
Please contact e-mail:


    The CcS 2020 covers both theory and applications of synthesis ICT and robot technology related to community-centric systems.

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

- Enhancement of Quality of Life and Quality of Community
- Social Communication, Social Computing, and Social Intelligence
- Decision-Making and Mutual Assistance in Community
- Social Networking Services and Mobile Technologies
- Community Creation and Community Monitoring
- Healthcare, Healthy Aging, and Healthy City
- Information, Communication, and Robot Technology
- Disaster Prevention Systems and Disaster Mitigation Systems
- Ubiquitous Computing, Ambient Intelligence, and Sensor Networks
- Analysis and Visualization of Community
- Assistive Devices and Inclusive Design
- Developmental Support Robotics
- Social Robots and Communication Robots
- Computational Systems Rehabilitation
- Multi-agent Systems and Group Behaviors
- Disaster Information Systems
- Computational Systems Care
- Group Dynamics and Evacuation Dynamics


    The maximum length for the manuscript is typically 6 pages in IEEE manuscript templates ( Accepted papers that are not physically presented by one of the authors at CcS 2020 will be excluded from the IEEE Xplore. Submission should be made via the web submission page. Selected quality paper will be recommended for CcS 2020 special issues of Journal of Advanced Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Informatics with further review.


    The conference features special sessions focusing on new research topics and innovative applications. Papers in these sessions undergo a regular review process as those in general sessions. A special session has to contain at least four papers. Prospective organizers are invited to contact special session chairs to propose tracks with the title of the session, its scope, list of topics, and organizer names (application form), by March 1, 2020. Each special session may have an invited talk as well. If the organizer(s) is(are) interested in an invited talk, please contact the special session chair (Zhaojie Ju, University of Portsmouth, UK) and special session co-chairs (Takenori Obo, Tokyo Polytechnic University, Japan and Kurnianingsih, Politeknik Negeri Semarang, Indonesia).


Organized Session Proposal March 1, 2020
Deadline for Paper Submission April 1, 2020

May 15, 2020

Notification of Acceptance June 1, 2020

June 15, 2020

Early Bird Registration July 31, 2020
Deadline for Final Manuscripts July 15, 2020
CcS 2020
September 23-25, 2020

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